Muse Coons Benazir Bhutto
White [Odd-Eyed]
Muse Coons Pinkie Lee
Silver Classic Tabby 
Gattacamoon Unica of Muse Coons
Smoke Tortie
Muse Coons Sojorner Truth
Blue Patch Tabby with High White
Muse Coons Margaret Atwood
Silver Shaded Torbie with White
Gattacamoon Toffifee of Muse Coons 
Silver Classic Tabby 
Muse Coons Grace O'Malley
Silver Classic Tabby wirh White

Muse Coons Billie Holliday
Black Smoke
Bosleys Angels Eden of Muse Coons 
White [Gold-Eyed]
Muse Coons Gaia
Silver Classic Tabby with White
Muse Coons Toni Morrison
Black Smoke

Muse Coons Bridie Murphy
Silver Shaded Torbie

Muse Coons Juana Inez de la Cruz
Brown Classic Tabby

Future Mamas
Muse Coons Emma Goldman
Black Smoke Shaded