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Current Kittens

I charge $1500 for a male pet kitten, and $1200 for a female pet kitten.  On occasion, there may be a kitten who is a little bit more or a little bit less. 

Most of these kittens are show quality, but I rarely sell to breeders. 

I take a deposit of half, and accept a check or PayPal for the deposit and cash at the time you pick up your kitten.  Under certain circumstances, I will consider an alternative payment plan. 
Muse Coons Grace O'Malley and 
Bosleys Rumi of Muse Coons

Born February 9, 2019
Photos soon

Muse Coons Dorothy Smith and 
CFA CH HoneyDevil Invictus of Muse Coons

Born February 11, 2019
Photos soon