AVAILABLE         All inquiries are welcome 

EVALUATION         This kitten may stay with us.  If not,the kitten will become available later.  
                           Inquiries are welcome

RESERVED        A deposit has been paid for this kitten. 
Current Kittens

To all who have expressed interest:  I apologize, I am unable to keep up with all the inquiries and messages I receive.  So, an update for all: I have no kittens available at this time.  However, I am hoping for litters to be born toward the end of February.  The best way to get a kitten is to call and speak to me at that time.   And please call if you have any other questions.  Regards, Sheddy
Please see the Kitten Reservation page on this website for reservation information.

Please also see the Muse Coons Cattery page on Facebook for photos  of my kittens, and photos posted by current owners of my kittens and cats born over the past ten years.